Biomass Briquettes

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Biomass briquettes or biomass pellets are biofuels commonly used as a substitute for coal. These are made from a variety of biomass, including husks, shells, bagasse, and agricultural and municipal solid waste depending upon availability. The raw material is compressed into briquettes for ease of burning and transportation. Biomass briquettes have mostly been used as cooking fuel in developing countries due to their low cost and easy availability in rural areas. Biomass briquettes have also found use as biofuel which is co-fired with coal for electricity generation in thermal power plants. Their use in coal firing has significantly increased in the last decade due to lower carbon emissions and renewability.


Type: Fresh
Color: ----
Price: ----
Size: More than 19 mm
Shelf life: 3 Month
Certification: RCMC Apeda
Availability: Throughout year
Place : Aurangabad
Packing : 25kg, 50kg

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